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Please read about some of our frequently asked questions.

Is ORG affiliated with any political group?

No, ORG is a non-partisan, non-political nonprofit organization that exists for the betterment of the Bahamian community. We work on tackling oppressive systems, particularly focusing on the pillars of Accountable Governance, Economic Development, Education Reform & Civil Society Capacity Building.

How can I educate my organization/company members on good governance?

Our Freedom Schools is a short in-person or virtual course for citizens and groups that you can sign up your group up for by emailing Beyond this, we would be glad to make presentations for members organizations and companies on specific matters by request.

Is there a cost for ORG membership?

At the time of our 2021 membership launch, membership will be free for the first calendar year. Paid membership options will become available in the future and we will roll them out with lots of information on the added benefits.

Can I volunteer with ORG?

Yes, you can email to inquire about volunteer opportunities, both virtual, and where safe, in person.

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