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Know Your CandidatesVisit orgtransparency.com/voter-resources and learn 3-4 candidates that are running in your area in the 2021 General Election! Once you are complete, comment in the comments sections below and let us know that you know your candidates! Feel free to...

A Glimpse into Better COVID Governance?

Prime Minister the Most Hon. Dr. Minnis gave a highly anticipated national address on August 9 2021, and to the dismay of some, and the expectation of others, curfews were tightened as a mitigating measure to COVID-19. With all eyes on restrictions, this was the only...

Environmental Awareness

Environmental Awareness by Ashley McClain, CSC Blogger   Since 2014, The Bahamas has been a member of UNESCO’s World Heritage Convention (WHC) -- a body responsible for establishing World Heritage Sites which possess universal value and significance. There are...

Environmental Awareness – Shaken up!

Environmental Awareness – Shaken up!   Climate change is fake news. I, in no way, find this sentiment to be true at all; however, there are many of us out here who do. In the wake of Matthew, Joaquin, and Dorian – hurricanes so large and devastating that thy...

Policy Advocacy: Drivers urge BPL to fix potholes properly

Earlier in 2019, the Ministry of Works touted its diligence in the maintenance of roads. The ministry boasted about its weekly meetings held with other utility agencies to better coordinate road works.

The Fourth Estate

Today’s s blog is brought to by, “The Hard Conversations That Need to Be Had”. Yesterday the Tribune published an article on the underground market and sale of an abortion drug.

Environmental Awareness: Solar Farms

Today's post is actually yesterdays, but I fell down a rabbit hole of actually trying to find to the answer to a question posed by my four-year old grandnephew, D.O., while he was here on winter break. While driving past the eastern side of the Q.E. Sports Center, he...

Current Events: Jury Duty

I was throughly impressed with the Tribune this morning when I arrived at work. Our newspaper subscriber delivered! I paper was thick. I was so proud of the paper’s journalists and all of their work over the last 24 hours. I enthusiastically opened the paper and...

Citizen Engagement: Children Are Citizens Too

When exactly do we learn that children are citizens too? Also, when do we learn that active citizenship isn’t for a select few? I know that statistically, there are some groups that have limited access to political capital or networking, but in The Bahamas, those...

Citizen Engagement: The Underground System

This, this is going to be a long one. I wondered if I should have made a video rather than type this one, but, it’s Friday, and Friday isn’t video day. Sigh! Okay, here goes. I was in a fender bender on the morning of Thursday November 7th. I was sitting in traffic,...

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