Environmental Awareness – Shaken up!


Climate change is fake news. I, in no way, find this sentiment to be true at all; however, there are many of us out here who do. In the wake of Matthew, Joaquin, and Dorian – hurricanes so large and devastating that thy don’t even need the modifier Hurricane in their names – like the stand alone like Beyoncé, Cher, and Rihanna, and what I know to be hotter summers than I experienced as child – I know for a fact I did not play all day in temperatures and heat indexes as high as they get these days, we as a nation of small islanders are more aware of climate change as a legitimate issue.

Yesterday’s earthquake in the region and tremors being felt locally was a gentle reminder of our constant environmental vulnerability.

The science of our natural environment community around us has not quite reached our school curriculum in an applied learning fashion, so many of us remain unaware of what we can be doing to promote sustainability practices. That is, many of us have not gotten past using and stop complaining abut having to use green bags and preparing for the prohibition on all single use plastics in June.

There are a number of local organizations working in this pace. Their initiatives include awareness and activism. Check out their websites below to find out how you could get more involved.

Cat Island Conservation Institute: https://www.ymebahamas.org/cicibahamas.html

BREEF: https://breef.org/
Bahamas National Trust: https://bnt.bs/

We have only have one earth and one Bahamas, and in the words of Captain Planet, “THE POWER IS YOURS!”